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Enfield Stamp Bid or Buy List 444

Enfield Stamp Bid or Buy List 466

Enfield Stamp Bid or Buy List 444

E.S.C. Newsletter 444

We have had a bit of a lull in those attending our shop last week. This has given us some spare time. So we have spent it counting and describing the mound of general collections that have built up whilst we were sorting out Eric’s haul. These are listed lots 1 to 60.

Eric’s collection has contributed to an especially good section of Greece, with many scarce or rare items & sets. Other lots of his include Czechoslovakia; German setennants & Allied Occupation; G.B. & Irish Revenues; Iraq; Lithuania and Swiss Airs.  

Please Note:- The shop is closed Wednesday Sept.12th as Brenda and I have to go to Norfolk for a funeral. I would have got someone to cover for me, as this is such short notice, however that being the first day of Stampex, most dealer friends of mine are working at the show.

Finally, just a reminder that we are also closed from Friday Sept.24th for two weeks with the shop re-opening on Wednesday Oct. 10th. Gemma and the team will be on hand to keep things ticking over.                                        

Happy hunting  – Ron.

 Enfield Stamp Bid or Buy List 444  Lot  Description


     1  Schoolboy’s sparse Explorer album.(391)                             £4

     2  Schoolgirl’s Triumph album,mainly pre 1930 content.(319)           £10

     3  Aus.States to Mexico:All periods U.coll.on leaves,many pre 1960,

        fair to fine.(577)                                                         £10

     4  Schoolboy’s SG.Jet Age(C.1966)album.(1630)                         £14

     5  All periods to 1960’s mainly U.coll.on old Foolscap leaves,inc:

        GB.1960 Comms.on illus.FDC’s(9),etc.,fair to fine.(544)                    £16

     6  Schoolboy’s pre 1950 Triumph album(damaged spine).(878)            £18

     7  Small fat S/bk.with M.& U.issues from Switz.,Germany,Austria(with issues),Spain,H.Kong,France(new issues – paintings etc.),

        some GB.,etc.,fair to fine.(1178)                                          £18

     8  Bits & pieces U.coll.on old Foolscap leaves,mainly pre 1930

        content.(728)                                                              £20

     9  1960’s mainly issues from Austria,Czechoslovakia,Germany &

        GB.on American style St.leaves,many in pairs or strips of three,

        (few U.),mostly fine.(553+1 shtlt.)                                        £20

    10  Mixed & varied M.& U.all periods S/bk.,would taken ages

        to sort properly.(579)                                                     £20

    11  Pre 1930(mainly)U.coll./ old Foolscap ledger,poor to

        good.(1255)                                                                £24

    12  Schoolboy’s overfilled Victory album(add.pages added,

        broken spine),pre 1950 content haphazardly presented.(1375)                £24

    13  Bits & pieces,mainly 1950’s-60’s, small S/

        P.Dues,K.U.T.£1 Q.E.II,India,Saar,N.Z.,Health MS.,1958 Expo MS.

        pair(UM. C.£74),etc.,fair to fine.(428+4MS)                                £26

    14  Schoolboy’s overfilled Improved album(add.pages added,

        spine broken),all periods content,it looks like two or more have

        used this.(2145)                                                           £28

    15  Pre 1937 Schaubek Schwaneberger printed album(basic),in

        tatty condition,stamps fair to good.(827)                                  £28

    16  All periods,mainly 1940′-60’s,UM.,M.& old S/

        Belgium,Nigeria,France,Spain,Italy,San Marino,etc.etc.,good

        sorter.(1054)                                                              £28

    17  Countries N-Y,predom more modern, Tower L.L.album,Comms.

        & Defins.,fair to fine.(1976)                                              £30

    18  Huge,mainly U., sixty-four black page S/bk.with extensive

        GB.,Comms.,Machins,Reg.,Lundy(36+1MS.),India,Italy,Italian Cols.,

        Latvia,etc.,much dup.,good to fine.(3074+2MS.)                             £32

    19  Very well filled schoolboy Swiftsure album,content to

        early “60’s”.(3052)                                                        £36

    20  Schoolboy’s Cardinal L.L.album,content mainly to 1960,

        mixed condition.(1913)                                                     £38

    21  Schoolboy’s Strand album(pre 1950)with a few pages added,

        inc:GB.QV.,etc.,fair to fine.(954)                                         £40

    22  Countries A-I:Large,slightly dup.,mainly U.,coll./ large

        black page S/,Bahamas,Bahrain,B.Guiana,Cyprus,

        France & Cols.,Greece,H.Kong,Italy etc.,poor to fine.(1859)                £40

    23  Mainly Foreign,schoolboy’s well filled Swiftsure L.L.

        album,(C.1962).(2902)                                                      £40

    24  Large mixed S/ & Portugal Cols.,all sorts

        from many countries pre 1940,towards the end of the S/bk.six

        pages of Airmail/Aircraft stamps,India etc.,fair to fine.(844)             £55

    25  Large coll./accum.on St.leaves inc:Belgium,Zimbabwe,Sweden,Sing-

        apore,Nigeria,Sth.& Central Am.,etc.,poor to fine. Also 1836 pre

        stamp entire with “MODBURY” S.L.(mileage erased).(1020+1MS+1cvr)           £60

    26  C.1988 Senf.Illus.album(loose pages at front,spine broken)with

        mixed condition contents,many countries represented,odd better

        seen.(1034)                                                                £60

    27  Large S/bk.containing World Wide Perfins.,Pmks.,some Fiscals,Aus.

        States,etc.(388)                                                           £60

    28  Schoolboy’s very old Lincoln album(20nd.Edn.),broken

        spine, pre 1920 content,many countries represented.(1408)                  £65

    29  Schoolboy’s very well filled Mercury album,mainly pre

        1960 content.((2437)                                                       £75

   Lot  Description


    30  Vast coll./ very large 64 page S/ G.VI

        blocks,extensive N.Z.,Bel.Congo,K.U.T.(with dup.),Nyasaland G.VI

        to 20s.,S.Rhodesia,Canada,SWA.,Seychelles,1950 5r.,GB.towards the

        rear(of little value),much G.VI content,M.& U.,fair to fine(3725)         £140

    31  Ideal album,Vol.I,issues to 1914:Mainly U.coll.,album a bit tatty

        & seen better days,varied stamp content in mixed condition(1986+)         £150


    32  Schoolboy’s sparsely filled Albion album,mainly G.VI &

        before content.(132)                                                        £7

    33  Pacific Is.Postal History:1939-66 covers inc:Samoa 1939 set FDC.

        (SG.195-8),Norfolk Is.1947 FDC.with 4 1s.,etc.,good.(4)            £10

    34  Countries N-S,all periods M.& U.coll.on leaves,some G.VI content,

        fair to fine.(258)                                                         £12

    35  Canada & India(few States),U.coll.on a variety of pages with

        contents to C.1955,fair to fine.(572)                                      £12

    36  A.A.T.:Christmas Is.,N.S.W.(8)& Norfolk Is.1970 Birds set,UM.,

        M.& U.ranges on leaves & loose,with AAT.set to $1,Xmas Is.sets

        (4),etc.,good to fine.(131+1MS)                                            £14

    37  New Ideal album(dated 1948)with spaces for issues to 1935,predom

        U.coll.(GB.extracted)in mixed condition,odd faults to page.(478)           £25

    38  Small U. Q.E.II 1st Defin.range inc:Aden to 20s.,G.Coast to 10s., 10s.,Nigeria to £1, 10s.,etc.,fair to fine.(95)             £26

    39  Malaysia:Mainly pre 1940 S/,

        Straits,F.M.S.,Brunei,Malayan States,BMA.,Johore,etc.,needs

        sorting through.(1206)                                                     £26

    40  Large schoolboy Triumph album with sparsely laid out coll.,inc:

        most 1937 Coro sets,M.,with Newfoundland add.set,etc.,good to

        fine.(341)                                                                 £28

    41  Countries J-T,M.& U.,all periods coll.on leaves,with much Q.E.II

        content but var.earlier issues,poor to fine.(428)                          £28

    42  Countries M-W:Pre 1930 Cosmos L.L.album,inc:N.Z.,Aus.

        States,Malaysia,etc.,very mixed condition.(493)                            £28

    43  Countries A-M:Mainly pre 1930 Cosmos L.L.album,inc:G.B.

        -1902-51,India & few States,C.G.H.,etc.,poor to good.(528)                 £36

    44  Countries TA-Z:Mainly pre 1935 content in large 64 page S/bk.laid

        out,with spaces for additions,inc:Tonga,Transvaal,Travancore,

        Trinidad & Tobago,Zanzibar,Zululand,then India Feud.States,this

        only occupies the front of the S/bk.,the rest is empty.(338)               £42

    45  Countries A-M,M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:G.VI & early Q.E.II

        issues,few pre 1937,good to fine.(1143)                                    £48

    46  Predom Q.E.II,mainly U.,some M.,coll.on leaves,Comms.& Defins.,

        much to plat with.(1563)                                                   £50

    47  Countries M-P,predom Universal ring binder,inc:Malta Q.E.II,Mauritius,N.L.,Malaya,KUT.,etc., £1,fair to

        fine.(541)                                                                 £50

    48  Countries A-I:M.& U.,G.VI & Q.E.II(some earlier)coll.on leaves

        inc:Ireland,Indian Conv.States,H.Kong,Gibraltar,Falk.Deps.set to


        fair to fine.(986)                                                         £60

    49  New Ideal printed album with spaces for issues to 1935,not in the

        best of condition(spine split etc.)with predom U.coll.,originally

        owned by The Rev.Canon Sprent in Stockholm(1937),some removed,

        much remain,fair to fine.(1321)                                            £70

    50  Countries M-W,predom pre 1951,mainly U.,few M.,coll.on Springback

        album,fair to fine.(929) Collector states least £920                £90

    51  Mainly Q.E.II,some earlier,large Lindner 64 black page

        S/bk.,inc:KUT.,Kiribati,Malaya & States,Malta,N.Z.,Nigeria,Pakis-

        tan,Saints,S.Leone,Singapore,S.A.,Tanzania,T.& T.,etc.,poor to

        fine.(2750+1MS)                                                           £100

    52  Predom early Q.E.II in well filled smaller L.L.Spring

        back album.(2072) Collector states Cat.over £1700                         £150


    53  Large coll.of CTO.issues from SHARJAH,also a few Ajman,N.Korea &

        Paraguay,much Thematic content,in S/bk.(broken).(173+61MS)                 £10

   Lot  Description

        COLLECTIONS – FOREIGN Continued …

    54  Mainly pre 1930 tatty small “Standard” album,inc:Poland,

        Ukraine,Latvia,Hungary,Czech.,Dutch.Indies,etc.,poor to good(437)          £12

    55  S/bk.(black pages)containing,Nicaragua modern CTO.,Paraguay,

        Iraq,Persia,Israel,Indonesia,etc.,fair to fine.(806)                       £18

    56  Benelux S/bk.(black pages),all periods inc:Belgium,&

        Cols.,Luxemburg(few),Netherlands & Antillies,good to fine.(1023)           £20

    57  Countries A-E:Somewhat dup.(in places)range on Hagner leaves,for

        sorting.(1236+1MS)                                                         £24

    58  Large black page S/ & Spanish Cols.,Portugal & Cols.,

        Egypt,Brazil,Chile,Colombia,Mexico,Peru,etc.,fair to fine.(1817)           £32

    59  Germany & Italy:Vast,all periods to C.1988 M.& U.coll.,on Fool-

        scap leaves,Comms.,Defins.,earlies,etc.,big sorter.(2009+3MS)              £38

    60  Ideal album,Vol.II,with spaces for stamps to 1910,containing

        large,predom U.coll.,album somewhat tatty,with some stamps

        removed.(1919)                                                             £90


    61  Black page S/bk.with Cuba modern,Argentina,Uruguay,Venezuela,

        Nicaragua,etc.,predom U.,many CTO.,few M.,good to fine.(739+1MS)           £14


    62  1953 Coro.issues appear UM.on pages.all Keytype(ie.No G.B.,N.Z.,

        S.Rhodesia etc.),fine.(62)                                                 £24


    63  Telegrams Forms:1868 Electric & Int.Telegram Co.forms London to

        Reading(x 2),& 1869 South Eastern Railway Telegram form,same

        route,good.(3 forms)                                                       £12

    64  Scouting:Var.Anniv.covers & stamps,mainly GB.,but var.others,on

        leaves,good to fine.(44+2MS+8 cvrs.+ 5 p/cards)                            £14

    65  Red Cross:Two complete booklets,one with 20 labels depicting,

        `Martyred Towns’with pictures before damage in W.W.I,the other

        showing 20 Scene of Paris,both sold at 5Fr.,not dated but probab-

        ly early 1920’s,sold in aid of W.W.I War Wounded,good to fine.(2

        bklts.)                                                                    £30

    66  Red Cross:Two complete booklets,one with 20 labels depicting,

        `Martyred Towns’with pictures of W.W.I destruction,the other with

        24 labels showing French President,both sold at 5Fr.,not dated

        but probably early 1920’s,sold in aid of W.W.I Wounded Soldiers,

        fine.(2 bklts.)                                                            £30

    67  Scouting:M.,U.& CTO.mainly 1960’s-80’s coll.on leaves,laid out by

        activities,Uniforms,Jamboree’s,Jubilee’s,etc.,good to fine.(450+

        11MS)                                                                      £50

    68  Scouting:All periods,predom modern,some early,UM.,& U.(few),coll.

        / S/bk.,many diff.countries represented,fine lot.(499+33

  1. MS) £95

    69  Scouting:Vast,all periods,UM.,M.,& U.(few)coll./ two

        S/bks.,inc:early Rumania,Czechoslovakia,many BC.countries,rarely

        offered issues,viewing essential.(818+115MS+6 bklts.)                     £400


    70  Algeria (100)                                                               £5

    71  Argentina (100)                                                             £2

    72  Australia – Decimal (150)                                                   £5

    73  Australia (200)                                                             £8

    74  Australia – decimal (100)                                                   £3

    75  Australia (200)                                                             £5

    76  Austria (100)                                                               £3

    77  Belgium (150)                                                               £4

    78  Belgium (130)                                                               £4

    79  Denmark (120)                                                               £3

    80  Finland (130)                                                               £4

    81  Finland (130)                                                               £6

   Lot  Description


    82  Ghana (100)                                                                   £3

    83  Greece (100)                                                                £3

    84  India (100)                                                                 £3

    85  Indonesia (100)                                                             £2

    86  Ireland (200)                                                               £4

    87  Israel (100)                                                                £2

    88  Malta (130)                                                                 £3

    89  New Zealand (120)                                                           £5

    90  Pakistan (100)                                                              £2

    91  Papua New Guinea (50)                                                       £3

    92  Poland (100)                                                                £3

    93  Singapore (100)                                                             £3

    94  South Africa (130)                                                          £2

    95  Spain (120)                                                                 £3

    96  Togo (100)                                                                  £4


    97  1953-63 M.(some UM.)Defin.set with most shades on pages,some

        imprint blocks, & deep lilac UM.,etc.,good to fine.(41)

        Total Cat.£324                                                             £80

    98  1937-63 M.coll.on St.leaves inc:1937 DHOWS to 8a.(with some dup.

        for shades),1939-48 set to 10r., 1s.(2),Q.E.II

        1s.(2),2s.,with shades/colours,etc.,good to fine.(99) STC.£429            £100


    99  1942-63 M.coll.on neat pages inc:1948 RSW.set,1942 set inc:1/2a.

        olive-green var.,1951 set,etc.,good to fine.(64) Total Cat.£210            £70

        ALAND ISLANDS     

   100  1998 Year Book(complete)with UM.stamps C.£48 & 2001 pane SG.184a,

        C.£13.50 (2 items)                                                         £20


   101  1920’s-60’s M.& U.coll.on & card with some sets inc:1949

        Labon Day set U.(SG.C.£12),1951 Rep.Anniv.set U.(SG.C.£17),1925

        Republic `Repuqlika’ var.(SG.180a C.£16)

        etc.,good.(71)                                                             £15

   102  1938 10th Accession Anniv.MS.,UM.,fine.(1) SG.MS.336a Cat.£49              £18


   103  All periods to 1980’s M.& U.coll.on,fair to good.(84)               £5


   104  1967-86 M.(appear UM.)(3 U.)coll.on with $10,inc:

        1980 Seperation set UM.(SG.421-42 C.£23),fine.(62)                          £8


   105  1937-49 mostly U.coll.on page inc:1938-51 Defin.set U.(No 10s.)

        inc:2/6d.shades,good.(31) Cat.£80+                                         £28

   106  1903-17 U.coll.on album page inc:1903-07 set to 1s.,1908-17 set

        also to 1s.,fair to good.(16) Cat.£370+                                    £90


   107  1953-82 M.& U.coll.on Hagners inc:1963 Birds Defin.set M.(SG.C.

        £60),other £1,etc.,good.(188+1MS)                                  £40

   108  1953-69 M.Comms.& Defins.sets range on St.card inc:1956 set to

        10s.,1963 set to £1,etc.,good to fine.(49) STC.£218                        £46

   109  1938-53 M.coll.with most Perf.vars.on pages,inc:both 10s.,both

        5s.etc.,good.(32) Total Cat.£639                                          £160


   110  1947 Royal Geographical Soc.illus.E.,Discovery Of CHARLEVILLE

        District by E.B.Kennedy,special R.G.S./Kennedy/Cent.cds.,fine.(1)           £5

   Lot  Description

        AUSTRALIA Continued …

   111  1974 $10,1981 $5 UM.with Agricultural Show Pres.pack & other 36c.

        stamp,fine.(2 + pack)                                                       £7

   112  2000-07 pres.pack range with two AAT.,all fine.(12 items) Face

        value $47.95                                                               £24

   113  1913-2000 U.Comms.& SG.One Country album(extended

        with add.pages from 1980 at rear),fair to fine.(1180)                      £44


   114  1957-2009 U.Comms.& Defins.haphazardly M.on leaves, 2/

        3d.,$1’s,etc.,fair to fine.(122) STC.£181                                  £50

   115  1957-2014 predom U.Comms.,Defins.& FDC’s coll.on leaves,inc:1972

        to $1,1973 to $1,1979 to $1,Comm.sets & part sets,etc.etc.,fair

        to fine.(235+1MS+48 fdc’s) STC.£755 (FDC’s stamps only).           £185


   116  Small M.range of South A.,Victoria & W.A.(2 pairs),few have

        faults,some good.(28)                                                      £22

   117  Random U.range on S/,Victoria,NSW.,South A.,etc.,

        fair to good.(280)                                                         £32


   118  & few others:All periods U.coll.St.pages set out by face value to

        2s.,also Western Aust.Swans to 6d.,needs sorting for Perfs.,Wmks.

        ,etc.,fair to good.(82)                                                    £14


   119  All periods to 1950’s M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages,some

        useful ranges,fair to good.(640)                                           £28

   120  All periods to about 1960 M.& U.accum.on St.pages & cards from

        various sources but little appear dup.,inc:many Franz Joseph

        issues,good sorter,fair to good.(316)                                      £30

   121  All periods to 2008 M.& U.coll.on St.pages & cards inc:some sets

        & part sets,much pre 1938 material,fair to good.(539)                      £32

   122  1850-1935 M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on old printed pages with some

        reasonable ranges,earlies need sorting for Perfs.etc.,mixed

        condition,much good.(570)                                                  £40

   123  Airmails:1918-68 UM.(few)or M.range inc:1918 Ovpts.(C.£29.50),

        1922-24(C.£21),1925-30 to 2s.(No 80g.)& 10s.(C.£117),1935 to 2s.

        (C.£11),1947 set(C.£17),& later issues,good to fine.(52) Total

        C.£205+                                                                    £48

   124  1948-52 Costumes range of 3s.50(C.£45)inc:75g.,,

        1s.claret,2s.20,(all C.£207)etc.,all M.,good to fine.(23)                  £50

   125  All periods to 1990’s M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages,

        some Comm.sets,fair to good.(875)                                          £65


   126  1918-53 M.& U.coll.on pages inc:1935 Flamingo 8d.M.,1938

        8d.M.(SG.C.£17),etc.,fair to good.(28)                                      £6

   127  1960’s M.range on inc:1964 set to £1(C.£32),1966 set to

        $3(C.£22),Comm.sets,etc.,good to fine.(83)                                 £16

   128  1941 Air cover to UK with SG.139,C.£32 x 10 for cover,useful

        proving piece for shade,good.(1 cover)                                     £30

   129  1930 set of Air covers to Miami(First Flight cachet),Haiti &

        France,all x 3 for cover,French cover a bit ragged at edges,other

        reasonable.(3 covers)                                                      £38

   130  G.VI M.coll.on album pages inc:1938-52 set to 1s.(needs checking

        for shades),1942 Columbus set to 1s.etc.,generally good.(56)

        Total Cat.£150+                                                            £40

   131  1920’s-30’s series of covers,mostly to overseas dest.,inc:SG.126,

        128 on Air cover with pilot signature(SG.C.£19 x 3 for cover),

        etc.,interesting,fair to good.(8 covers)                                   £40

   132  1930 (2nd Jan.)First Flight cover,Nassau to Miani uprated with

        5d. S.Delivery(SG.53 C.£4.25 x 20 for cover),with Miami Special

        Delivery backstamp,good.(1 cvr.)                                           £50

   133  1940’s-60’s range of covers & p/cards with some higher

        1942 Landfall 2s.& 3s.on OHMS.cover to UK,1949 cover with 3s.

        Eleuthera pair,etc.,generally good.(17 cvrs.+ 2 p/cards)                   £50

   134  1901-1911 U.coll.on page inc:1901-03 5d.,2s.(C.£110),1902-1- 1s.

        brownish-grey & carmine(SG.68 C.£55),etc.,fair to good.(15)                £50

   Lot  Description


   135  All periods to 1980’s M.& U.coll.on inc:1964 Defin.1r.,

        2r.& 5r.M.(SG.135-7 C.£37),fair to good.(77)                               £16

   136  1938-57 UM.(few)&.M range on inc:1938-41 to 2a.,1r.,

        (C.£86),1942-45 to 6a.(C.£118),1948-49 to 5r.,1948 Olympics(5

        sets),1953 Coro.& 1957 Scouts sets,etc.,fair to fine(68) STC.£271          £65

   137  G.VI Ovpt.range on leaves,predom U.(12 M.),inc:1938-41 to 3a.6p., 5r.,15r.,1942-45 to 12a.(No 3 1/2a.),1948-49 to 5s.,1950-55

        to 10s.(2),Comms.,etc.,fair to fine.(74) STC.£481                         £165


   138  All periods to 1958 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1938-47 U.range

        to 5s.(SG.C.£14),Q.E.II 60c.U.,etc.,fair to good.(87)               £8

   139  All periods to about 1980’s M.& U.accum.randomly set out on

        Hagner, $10,needs sorting,fair to good.(164)                        £15

   140  C.1960’s M.range on inc:1953-61 $2.40,1965 to $2.50,1966-

        69 to $5(C.£42),1970 set to $5(C.£15),Comm.sets,etc.,good to

        fine.(84)                                                                  £18

   141  1968-75 M.& U.Comm.& Defin.on album pages $5,many

        Comm.sets,etc.,good.(200+1MS)                                              £22

   142  1937-67 mostly U.coll.on album pages inc:1938-47 Defin.set U.with

        Perf.vars.,1948 RSW.set U.,1966-69 Marine set U.,etc.,good.(169)           £32

   143  1975-87 M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages with Defin.ranges

        to $10,many Comm.set,inc:1986-87 Defin.set(SG.796a-809b C.£71),

        good.(306+3 cvrs.)                                                         £34

   144  All periods to 1952 mostly M.(few U.)coll.on St.pages with some

        dup.on two pages,inc:1909-10 6d.& 1s.(SG.C.£27),1912-16 1s.U.

        (SG.C.£17),1925-35 M.set to 2s.,G.VI 5s.& $1.20,etc.,

        generally good.(106)                                                       £50

   145  1916-19 Defin.set on album page with lower vals.,inc:2d.

        (2),the 3s.(SG.191 C.£180),good,total Cat.£300+,generally good.

        (22)                                                                       £85


   146  1933-61 M.coll.on inc:1933 set to 1s.,1938 set to 1s.,

        1961 Decimal Ovpt.range to 1r.on 10s.(SG.68b C.£38),etc.,good(64)          £14

   147  Small 1960’s M.range on St.card inc:1961-63 to 50c.(C.£45)with

        extra 12 1/2c.(C.£26)Comms.,etc.,good to fine.(23)                         £15

   148  1953-65 M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on Hagners with 1961-63

        1r.U.(both shades,SG.79 & 79a C.£72),good.(52)                             £18

   149  1938-66 M.coll.on leaves inc.1938 set to 10s.(C.£110),later Comm.

        sets,on leaves,good to fine.(40) STC.£125                                  £45


   150  1930’s-50’s M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1935 SJ.set M.(SG.C.

        £17),G.VI 1s.M.,etc.,good.(21)                                      £7

   151  All periods to 1961 M.& U.coll.on with 1932 Defin.4d.,6d.

        & 1s.M.(SG.C.£19),fair to good.(33)                                        £12

   152  1937-65 M.coll.on inc:1938-52 Defin.set to 2/6d.(SG.C.

        £38),etc.,good.(43)                                                        £16


   153  All periods U.Comms.& Defins.range on                         £3

   154  1925-40 mainly M.,few U.,coll.on leaves inc:1925 10Fr.

        (C.£83),1929 ANTI T-B(U.C.£65),1928 T-B(C.£45),1937 Astrid set &

        MS.(C.£78),later Charity sets,etc.,good to fine(155+1MS) STC.£475         £140


   155  1953-83 mostly U.coll.on Hagner with $1,good.(72)                   £5

   156  1930’s-50’s M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1936-47 Defin.range & light blue M.,etc.,fair to good.(48)                         £6


   157  1966-2003 mostly U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages & loose with

        some Comm.sets & P5,odd places,good.(653+5 cvrs)          £80


   158  Small Unused M.& U.range on St.card inc:1890-95 1/2a.(2),1a.(2),

        2a.,7 1/2a.(M.or Unused),4 1/2a.& 4r.(U.,doubtful Pmk.),var.

        later issues,etc.,poor to fine.(17)                                        £14

   Lot  Description

        BRITISH GUIANA     

   159  1887-1966 M.& U.coll./ranges on leaves & St.pages,inc:1905-07

        60c.(M.),Ship issues with Ovpts.,some G.V issues,G.VI to $1(U.),

        Q.E.II issues to $1,etc.,fair to fine.(104) STC.£408                       £70

        BRIT.OCC.OF ITALIAN COLS – M.E.F.     

   160  And other areas:1942-50 M.coll.on

        10s.,P.Dues set, Eritrea 2s.50c., 2/6d.,Tripolitania

        var.vals., Cyrenaica to 50m.,etc.,good to fine.(75) STC.£416              £120


   161  1948-55 M.range on,comp.1948 to 2r.on 2/6d.,1948 RSW.

        set,1948 Olympics(9 set,inc:2 sets in UM.blocks of four),1950-55

        set to 2r.on 1/6d.,good to fine.(54) STC.£175                              £65


   162  1957-68 mostly U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages inc:1952-58 set

        to $5 with some shades,1964-72 range to $5(SG.131 C.£35),Comm.

        sets etc.,good.(90)                                                        £20

   163  1969-2004 U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages,some Comm.sets,good.

        (351)                                                                      £30

   164  All periods to 1981,predom M.(12 U.),coll.on leaves inc:earlies

        to 25c.,30c.,1949 50c.,1949 UPU.set,1952-58 to 50c.,

        later Comms.etc.,good to fine.(129)                                        £30

   165  1986-92 M.& U.Comm.sets & part sets coll./accum.on leaves,also $10,some dup.,good to fine.(165) STC.£213                        £42

   166  1907-64 M.& U.coll.on St.leaves inc:1948-51 to $1,1949 UPU.set

        (2),1952 to $2,Comm.sets,some dup.,etc.,fair to fine(141)STC.£213          £44


   167  1937 set to 12a.& 5r.(missing corner Perf.)M.,on,good to

        fine.(16) STC.£132                                                         £30

   168  INDIA USED IN:1854-1935 coll.on leaves inc:1854 1a.(U.,B127-

        MOULMEIN,No marg.),1882 1a.6a.,1r.(pair & single),later issues

        with rang  Pmks.etc.,fair to good.(14+1 pc.+1 cvr.) Stamps

        C.£110 (as Indian).                                                        £30

   169  1937-40 set to 2r.with add.blocks of four(inc.1r.),UM.or M.,good

        to fine.(56) STC.£205                                                      £44

   170  1945-47 M.& U.coll./accum.on St.leaves inc:1945 Mily Admn.Ovpts.

        to 5r.(3),10r.(2),1946 set to 10r.,later 5r.,Jap.Occ.

        issues,Officials,etc.,fair to fine.(270)                                   £50

        CAYMAN ISLANDS     

   171  1953-2000(few earlier)M.& U.coll.on full with

        $2,some Comm.sets,generally good to fine.(133)                             £15

   172  1960’s M.range on Hagner page inc:1962-64 to £1,1969 to £1,1969

        to $2,Comm.sets,etc.,good to fine.(80)                                     £24

   173  1902 to about 1990’s M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on St.pages with £1,& $8,some Comm.sets,generally good to fine.(352+1cvr)           £45

   174  1900-1912 M.& U.coll..on St.card inc:1900 Q.V.issues M.,inc:1905

        6d.Wmk.MCA M.(SG.11 C.£19)etc., 1s.,generally good.(21)

        Total Cat.£238                                                             £48

   175  1900-49 M.coll.on inc:1900 Q.V.set(SG.C.£31),Edw.VII

        range to 6d.,G.V 1921-26 range to 3s.(SG.81 C.£23),1935 Pictorial

        Defin.set to 6d.,1935 S.J.set,G.VI 1938-48 range to 10s.with some

        Perf.vars.,1948 RSW.set,etc.,good.(94)                                     £60

        COOK ISLANDS     

   176  1953-70 M.Comms.& Defins.range on inc:1963 set to 5s.

        (C.£40),1966 Churchill set(C.£13.50),etc.,good to fine.(106)               £18

   177  1938 1/ 1s.set on USA.,3/4/38 cds.,Arrival cds.on

        rev.,very fine.(1 item) SG.106-112 Cat.£45                                 £25


   178  Mainly modern,predom CTO.U., S/bk.(black pages),

        mostly fine.(608)                                                          £12


   179  1928 3/ 6Pi.,M.,HR.,on St.card,good to fine.(5) STC.£43              £12

   180  1937-51 U.coll.on page inc:1938-51 set U.with extra Perf.1Pi.,&

        18Pi.shade,SG.148-163 complete,good.(25) Total Cat.£90                     £24

   Lot  Description

        CYPRUS Continued …

   181  All periods to 1978 M.& U.coll.on pages inc:1880 Plates

        201 & 217 M.(SG.C.£51),Edw.VII range to 9Pi.,1934 G.V range to

        45Pi.M.(SG.143 C.£120),range of Q.E.II with £1 U.,etc.,

        fair to good.(200)                                                         £44


   182  1936-c.1990 Miniture sheets,predom UM.,few U., S/bk.,

        (broken),minor dup.noted,good to fine.(8+76MS.)                            £36

   183  1918-20 Hradcany issue:Vast S/bk.,Perf.& Imperf.

        issues,also ranges of M.diagonal Ovpt.issues at rear,good to

        fine.(3060)                                                                £40

   184  1940’s & early 1950’s UM.& M.accum.stuffed into a S/bk.,inc:bl’s,

        Plate Nos.,Setennants with labels,interpanneau blocks,Airs,etc.,

        also some Bohemia & Movavia,Occ.,etc.,good to fine.(1050)                  £75

   185  1923-32 Fantastic UM.,M.& U.(few)coll.on leaves,written up in

        Springback binder,Comms.,Defins.,Ovpts.,Dues,Newspaper issues,

        Airmails,blocks Setennant with labels,1939 Parl.Ovpt.(bl.15),

        Carpatho – Ukraine 3k.(bl.4),etc.,mostly very fine(1842+8MS+1cvr)

        STC.£2783                                                                 £500


   186  1982 onwards UM.Defin.set to 4k.75,in special 1982-1990 pres.

        packs,all fine.(28 stamps) Stamps Cat.£48                                  £18


   187  1960’s M.range on St.leaves inc:1963-65 to $4.80(C.£50)1968 set

        to $4.80,1969 set,(C.£29)Comms.sets,etc.,good to fine. (172)               £24


   188  1932-35 Christmas Seals U.,SG.A2,A4(small thin),A5,fair to good.

        (3) Total Cat.£83                                                          £15

   189  UAR.:1958-68 UM.or Schaubek hingeless album,with UAR.

        Syria at rear,virtually complete for periods,fine.(413+11MS) STC.

        £640 (page by page list enclosed).                                        £165


   190  All periods to about 1980’s M.& U.accum.on stuffed in no

        order,few Dependencies,needs sorting,good.(172)                            £40

   191  1953-84 M.(some UM.) 16 side S/bk.,many sets,good to fine.

        (242+1MS+1 cvr.+ 2 bklts.) Total Cat.£379                                 £110


   192  1963-2000 M.(some UM.)coll.on inc:1963 set to 1s.(SG.1-10

        C.£30),1971 Decimal Ovpt.range inc:10p.on 2s.(SG.28 C.£42),2000

        King Penguin set UM.(SG.320-3 C.£18)etc.,good to fine.(50)                 £30


   193  All periods to 1980’s M.& U.accum.randomly on St.pages & pages

        inc:G.V 1s.M.(2 diff.),G.VI 2s.,etc.,generally

        good.(150)                                                                 £12

   194  1937-77 M.& U.coll.on with G.VI 5s.U.,Q.E.II £1 U.,etc.,good.(165)                                              £24

   195  Edw.VII & G.V M.& U.range on St.card, 1s.(2 diff.),G.V

        to 1s.,good to fine.(36) STC.£318                                          £70


   196  All periods to about 1960’s mostly M.coll.on St.pages in no real

        order,sorter,good.(179)                                                    £15


   197  1870-71 40c.(9),1871-76 1c.(6),2c.,5c.(12),10c.(6),10c.(SG.203-

        2),15c.(7),25c.(5),30c.(9),80c.(6)all U.,variety of Pmks.,shades,

        etc.,very mixed condition,poor to fine.(62) STC.£785                       £50

   198  1849-1900 U.range on old page inc:1849 10c.,20c.,25c.,1859 25c.,

        1853 to 80c.(2),1862 25c.,80c.,later issues with 1870

        Bordeaux 1c.(Unused),10c.,20c.,30c.,40c.,Imperf., 80c.,P.

        & C.issues,etc.,mixed cond.,many acceptable,some spacefillers(75)         £110

   199  1923-74 large,mainly U.,some M.,Comms.& Capacity

        L.L.album.(945) STC.£1050-1100                                            £175


   200  All periods to 1930’s M.& U.coll.on St.pages,few early Imperfs.,

        later 20m.,generally good.(135)                                    £14

   Lot  Description


   201  1922-28 M.& U.coll.on old leaves inc.Inflation issues,Officials,

        1926-27 Airs to 1m.,1927 Hindenberg set(C.£70),etc.,good to fine.

        (221)                                                                      £40

   202  West,East(few)& large S/ OTTO,Liebig,

        Rontgen,Reis early Comm.,Berlin Bell 30Pf.(clapper right)& many

        later Comms.,good to fine. Good gap filler.(879)                           £44

   203  Random,predom pre 1945 all sorts S/bk.,mainly U.,few M.,

        inc:States,3rd Reich,Officials,Sleswig,Setennants,Inflation,Occ.,

        Saar,Allied Occ.,Locals,Perfins etc.,a real sorter.(837+)                 £160

   204  1910-32 Setennant strips & pairs L.H.hingeless “Zusammen-

        drucke” album inc:extensive M.& U.ranges of Hindenberg,Winter

        Charity,Hitler,1921 Germania’s,1928-32 with minor faults,pages

        good. Uncataloged.(678 items + pairs,strips,blocks etc.)                  £450


   205  1945-48 mainly U.,some M.,coll.on leaves,inc:Military Post,

        Numerals to 1RM.set(U.),1947 to 5m.(set U.),1948 Currency Reform

        Band set(one 60Pf.),Nat.set,Buildings to 5RM.(2),etc.,good to

        fine.(161) STC.£498                                                       £120


   206  1949 Goethe Festival Week MS.UM.on card,SG.MS.R59a,fine.(1MS)

        Cat.£250                                                                   £75


   207  Small UM.or U.range of Ovpts.,some in blocks of four,fine.(46)             £10

        GERMANY – WEST     

   208  1971-74 Accident Provention issues in UM.Setennant strips,some

        tete beche,& a range of the 1977 Castles series in booklets,fine.

        (22 stamps + 15 bklts.+ odds)                                              £18


   209  1886-1963 M.& U.coll.on neat pages inc:1949 UPU set M.,1935 S.J.

        set M.(SG.C.£32),G.V 1s.M.,1889-96 M.range to 2p.

        (SG.32 C.£11),etc.,fair to good.(58)                                       £24

   210  1937-81 M.coll.on St.pages inc:1953-59 set to 1s.(SG.C.£31),many

        Comm.sets, £5(SG.389a C.£9),etc.,good to fine.(117) STC.

        £114 Total.                                                                £24

   211  1937-2004 M.coll.on St.pages inc:1967-69 Ships range to 10s.,many

        Comm.sets, £5,good to fine.(236+3MS)                                £55

   212  Q.V.-G.V M.& U.range on St.card inc:few Ovpts., 1p.(M.&

        U.),2p.,G.V 2s.(U.,2)etc.,fair to fine.(52) STC.£283                       £60

   213  Q.V.-Q.E.II U.range on leaves inc:1886 1/2d.,1d.,2d.,1889 var. 1p.(2),1903 1s.,1960 £1,Ships to 10s.& £1(C.£42),etc.,

        fair to fine.(223+1MS+3 fdc.)                                              £65

   214  1886-1995 M.& U.coll.on Hagners inc:1925-32 5s.M.(SG.103-5

        C.£37),1953-59 range to 10s.M.(SG.157 C.£45),1977-82 Defin.set

        UM.(SG.C.£30),1993-95 Defin.set UM.(SG.C.£55)etc.,generally good

        to fine.(176)                                                              £70

   215  SG.Davo hingeless printed album & slipcase,Vol.I,inc:UM.or M.

        coll.1886-1989,(costs £110 + new)inc:1886 6d.,1886-98 1/2d.

        to 2d.,4d.,1889-96 to 5p.,1912-19 to 8s.,1921-32 4s.,

        1931-33 & 1935 S.J.sets,1938 to £1,1948 RSW.,1953 to £1,1960 to

        £1(UM.),1967-69 to £1(UM.),Comms.etc.,many fine.(646+15MS) STC.

        £2591 (List provided)                                                     £550

        GOLD COAST     

   216  Q.V.-G.V M.& U.range on St.card inc:Q.V.1s.,2s.,

        1s.,2s.,G.V to 2s.(2 diff.),etc.,good to fine.(58) STC.£250+               £65

        G.B.- COLLECTIONS     

   217  G.VI-Q.E.II Decimal U.accum.on 4 stuffed St.pages,in no order,

        mostly decimal,needs sorting,fair to good. Also some Jersey inc.

        (576)                                                                      £18

   218  Small S/ Q.V.issues,Govt.Parcels 2d.(3),6d.,

        1 1/2d.,Edw’s to 1s.,G.VI 10s.DB.(2),£1,1948 RSW.£1,few later,

        Regionals,Dues,etc.,fair to fine.(243)                                     £40

   219  1924-76 M.& U.Comm.& F.G.Sussex L.L.album,inc:

        fairly complete 1948-76 Comm.sets M.& U.,1952-54 Tudor Wmk.set

        (M.& U.)etc.,fair to fine.(824)                                            £40

   Lot  Description

        G.B.- COLLECTIONS Continued …

   220  Q.V.1841 1d.(41),later S.P.,& small S/bk.,in very

        mixed collector at over £4000! (95)                       £44

   221  Complete Windsor album in good condition for 1840-1970 with U.

        stamps,sparse QV.with only 71 Plates(not checked),reason-

        able Edw.VII & G.V,then complete G.VI except SG.488a,& nearly

        complete Q.E.II inc:Phos.,huge cat.,mixed condition early,good to

        fine later.(768)                                                          £250


   222  1918(Sept.):A returned battered on Active Service envelope(bear-

        ing G.V 1d.),addressed to PTE.FRITH 4th Middx.Regt.,B.E.F.,France

        with various pencil `not known’ & other cachets inc:large horiz.

        “PRESENT LOCATION UNCERTAIN”,so close to the end of the war,had

        probably died!! Needs research.(1)                                         £20

   223  G.V Slogans:Buy War Bonds,& Feed The Guns – Buy War Bonds:Large

        collection in four albums from different towns using the contin-

        ious impression by “Karg” machine,impressive accum.,written up.

        (172 p.p.c.,77 cvrs & 123 stamps on pieces)                               £175

        G.B.- 1858-79 1d.RED PLATE NUMBERS     

   224  U.accum.on unsorted for Plate Nos.or corner letters,fair

        to good.(49)                                                               £14

   225  Large S/bk.laid out for Pl’s 71 to 194,dealer style,with many Pl.

        No’s filled with U.small quantities of each,poor to fine. Ideal

        for Re constructions.(863)                                                 £80

        G.B.- 1902-13 MIXED PRINTINGS     

   226  U.range comp.1/2d.(4),1d.(3),1 1/2d.(2),2d.(6),2 1/2d.(3),3d.(2),


        Admiralty 1/2d.,1d.,IR.1d.,all on leaves,mixed ptgs.,for sorting.

        (39)                                                                       £24

        G.B.- GEORGE V.     

   227  1911-35 predom U.,few M.,coll.on leaves inc:Downey’s,Royal Cypher

        issues to 1s.(with shades),1913 Wat.2/6d.1918-19 BW 2/6d.,5s.,

        later issues,etc.,fair to good.(79)                                        £30

   228  1911-29 M.& U.range on inc:1912-24 Royal Cypher set with

        9d.olive(M.),1924 & 1928 Wembley sets(both M.& U.),1924 Block

        Cypher set(M.),1929 P.U.C.low vals.(M.& U.sets),good to fine.(47)         £160

        G.B.- GEORGE VI.     

   229  1937 Coro.M.,showing “Colon flaw” in positional block of 4 from

        left of sheet,top stamps M.,bottom,in var.,UM.,SG.461a,fine.(4)

        Cat.£70                                                                    £25

   230  1937-51 M.& U.coll.on St.leaves inc:1937 set to 1s.(M.),Wmk. S/W

        (U.),Wmk.inv.(M.,clipped Perfs.),1941 L.C.(M.),S/W(U.)inv.(M.,

        clipped Perfs.),1939-48 H.Vals.(U.),1950 C.C.with S/W & inv.,

        1948 RSW.£1(UM.& FU.),1951 Fest.H.Vals.set(M.& U.),etc.,fair to

        fine.(109)                                                                 £90


   231  1967 Multi Coil strip(2)attached to full coil leader & 1971 Multi

        Coil strips(2)attached to full coil leader,good to fine.(2 items)          £10

   232  1953-1969 UM.Comm.complete inc:Phosphors on Hagners,normal retail

        £170. fine.                                                               £120


   233  1995 National Trust Centenary Blister packs,19p.& blocks

        of four,fine.(2 packs) Cat.£21                                              £7

   234  1994 special French stamps)for Opening of CHANNEL

        TUNNEL.fine.(1 book) Cat.£50                                               £10

   235  2012 Paraolympics complete set of 34 panes of two,all fine.(34

        panes) Face value £45.56                                                   £50

   236  1971-92 1/2p.75p.Machin Defins.coll.on leaves inc:Harrison Photo

        issues,P.& P.ptgs.,Litho ptgs.,Questa,2nd & 1st class,etc.,fine

        comprehensive lot.(233)                                                    £65

        G.B.- REGIONALS     

   237  All periods to C.1973,UM.with some U.,coll.on black leaves,in

        Hawid mounts,many in blocks,strips or pairs,ord.,Phos.,No Wmk.

        issues with IOM.3d.chalky(4),etc.,many fine.(1093)                         £60

   Lot  Description

        G.B.- POSTAGE DUES     

   238  1914-22 1/2d.,1d., bottom-right corner D14 marg.pairs,M.,

        HR.,good with 1914-22 3d.O20,4d.Q20,1s.S.21 & 1924-31 U23,all M.,

        HR.,with some toning & spotting,fair.(7 items) Stamps Cat.£135             £20

        G.B.- REVENUES     

   239  Common Law:1965 set to £1 Ovpt’d Specimen,UM.,very fine.(7)

        Barefoot C.£125                                                            £75

   240  Probate Court Fee:1960 set to £5,Ovpt’d Specimen Type 9,all UM.

        marg.(ex.£5),very fine.(8) Barefoot £200                                   £90

   241  FOREIGN BILL:1871 to 9d.with 1872 in horiz.pairs

        with Specimen Ovpt.across,& £1 to £5 in horiz.pairs,each Ovpt’d

        Specimen diagonally,UM.,very fine.(17 pairs) Barefoot £220                £100

   242  Probate Court Fee:1860 set to £5,all Ovpt’d Specimen(Type 11)in

        UM.vert.marg.pairs,very fine.(16) Barefoot £400                           £225


   243  WEARE DISTRICT:1982-2001 small M.& U.on covers, 10p.

        & 12p.panes of 18,issues from 1982,2001,1998,1999,good to fine.

        (52+6 covers)                                                              £14

   244  Cuffley:1982-2009 Large variety coll.on leaves with labels,

        notices,etc.,mostly fine.(20+23 cvrs.)                                     £20

   245  EPSOM SCOUTS:1992-2016 var.dup.covers handstamped for Christmas

        Post,good.(41)                                                             £20

   246  Finchley S-Group:1983-99 M.& U.on covers,large range on leaves,

        inc:complete sheets(1985,1987,1999),good variety,fine.(73+17cvrs)          £25


   247  1969-2004 large S/bk.(new),Comms.,Defins.with 1969 10s.

        & £1 Perf.13,MS.,many in sets,mostly fine.(435+15MS)                       £40

        G.B.- ISLE OF MAN     

   248  All periods to about 1990 M.& U.accum.on stuffed in no

        order,needs sorting,good.(194)                                              £8

   249  All periods to about 1990’s M.& U.accum.on stuffed in no

        order,needs sorting, £2 M.,good.(132)                                £8

   250  1990’s UM.accum.on cards & loose in bag,inc:1999 Manx Bus

        booklet, etc.,fine.(12+1MS+1 bklt.+ 6 cards)                               £12

   251  1973-81 mainly UM.coll.leaves,St.card & pkt.,Comms.& Defins.,P.

        Dues to £5(M.),few rear,many fine.(240+1MS)                           £15


   252  All periods to about 1990 M.& U.accum.on stuffed in no

        order, £2,good.(222)                                                £10


   253  EPIRUS:1914 MOSCHOPOLIS issue,M.range of nine 50L.,

        unofficial,unusual.(9)                                                      £6

   254  Occ.of Albania:1940 Ovpt.set,Charity Tax & Dues UM.range on

        leaves,fine.(25) STC.£21.70                                                 £8

   255  1953 Earthquake & 1956 Macedonia sets in four,fine.(16)

        STC.£60                                                                    £16

   256  1924 Byron set,1926 MISSOLONGI,1926 Air set,M.,good.(7) STC.£96            £24

   257  1937-38 M.& U.(3),coll.on leaves inc:1937-39 white paper Air set,

        1935 Surch.set,1937-38 to 100d.,1938 ENTENTE(M.& U.)etc.,good to

        fine.(39) STC.£112                                                         £24

   258  1901 Hermes set to 50L.,Thick paper,M.,fine.(10) STC.£112                  £30

   259  1937-40 M.range on page inc:1939 IONIAN,Games sets,1940 Balkan

        pair,etc.,fine.(13) STC.£220                                               £80

   260  1942-51 M.range on leaves inc:Air sets,Defins.,Surch’s,Welfare

        Funds,1950 Crete,1950 UPU.,1951 St.Paul set,etc.,good to fine.

        (71) STC.£360                                                              £85

   261  1954 ENOSIS set(M.),& 1955 Pythogoras set(UM.)with 1956 Rotary

        (UM.)on page,fine.(11) STC.£301                                           £100

   262  1933 Air set,UM.,very faint gum toning,otherwise fine.(7) C.£250          £100

   263  1953 Produce set(UM.)& 1954 Nato set(M.),on page,fine(10)STC.£260         £100

   264  1927-30 M.range on leaves inc:1927 Liberation set,1927-28 5d.Sir

        & Edward issues(C.£108),1920 8d.Defence,1930 20d.,

        etc.,good to fine.(18) STC.£351                                           £100

   265  1934,Perf.11 1/2(M.)& Perf.13 x 11 1/2(U.),1935 Air set

        (M.),on page,fine.(11) Cat.£377                                           £120

   Lot  Description

        GREECE Continued …

   266  1896 Olympic 12(2),2L.(2),5L.,25L.,40L.& 10d.,M.,on page,10d.

        faint gum thin in one corner,good to fine.(8) STC.£663                    £125

   267  1942-59 UM.range on Hagner page inc:1953 Produce set,1954 Art

        set,1959 Coin’s set,fine.(51) STC.£477+                                   £150

   268  1951 Reconstruction(M.),1952 Air,Anti-Communist & 1952 Birthday

        sets(UM.),on page,very fine.(14) STC.£455                                 £150

   269  1933 Zeppelin(M.)& 1933 Air(UM.)sets,on page,fine.(10) STC.£540           £200

   270  1956 Royal Family set in UM.blocks of four(most are marg.),on

        leaves,very fine.(56) STC.£480                                            £220

   271  1957 Royal Family Colour Change set in UM.blocks of four(mostly

        marg.),very fine.(56) STC.£560                                            £260

   272  1927-35 set to 5d.(3),10d.(3),15d.(2),25d.(2),diff.printers &

        shades,M.,fine.(28) STC.£1635                                             £500

   273  1957-92 virtually complete UM.,some M.,Comms.& Defins.coll.on

        leaves,very fine lot.(1291) STC.£1946                                     £600

   274  1940 Youth Organisation Postage & Air sets complete on pages,M.,

        very fine.(20) Rarely offered. C.£1750                                    £700


   275  1938-80’s M.& U.coll.on St.pages with some Comm.sets etc.,vals.

        to $6,good.(109)                                                            £5


   276  1966-82 M.coll.on with some Comm.sets,good to fine.(36+

        1MS) Total Cat.£23                                                          £5

   277  & Brit.Guiana:1938-52 U.Defin.set(less $2,remainder SG.C.£38),

        then mostly Guyana 1966-93 M.& U.on with $25,

        fair to good.(85)                                                          £12


   278  1864-99 Unused M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:1864-66 1c.,2c.(Unused),

        2c.,5c.,18c.(U.),1875 2c.(U.),12c.(Unused),1882 1c.,5c.,10c.,

        1883-86 10c.(two colours),SG.43(U.,C.£190),1893 Provisional 12c.,etc.,fair to good.(39) STC.£884                        £200

        HONG KONG     

   279  Mainly Q.E.II,few earlier,Comms.& Defins.range on             £8

   280  1903-12 U.range on leaves,mainly Edw.issues,with 50c.,

        fair to good.(16) STC.£75                                                  £18

   281  1953-71 M.& U.accum.Defin.& Comm.with dup.on St.pages inc:1954-62

        range to $10 U.& $1 M.,U.Comm.sets inc:1963 Red Cross,1966

        Churchill,1968 Year Of Monkey,etc.,high cat.,generally good.(320)          £35

   282  1862-1902 U.coll.on leaves inc:1862 24c.(C.£120),1863-70 2c.,4c.,

        8c.,24c., & 30c.purple,1885 20c.& $1 Ovpts.etc.,fair to

        good.(18) STC.£307                                                         £65


   283  1931-49 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1935 S.J.set U.,1926-33

        high 10r.,1925 Officials 1r.on 15r.& 1r.on 25r.M.(SG.

        O102 & O103 C.£30,toned gum),& page of 1911 Coro.Durbar canx on

        pieces(6),usual mixed condition,some good.(115)                            £16

   284  All periods to about 1960 mostly U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on pages

        with 10r.,few States etc.,interspersed,needs sorting,fair

        to good.(128)                                                              £16

   285 C.1970 U.ranges on St.leaves inc:G.V 15r.(2),Airs,G.VI to

        10r.(2),Officials,etc.,also some Feudatory States at rear,fair to

        fine.(671)                                                                 £30

   286  1958-c.1975 UM.Comm.accum.on St.pages,mainly in blocks of four,

        some pairs & one issue in sheets of 42,inc.1963 Animals set(4)

        etc.,very fine lot.(439)                                                   £65


   287  & Feudatory:Small M.,U.range on leaves.(12)                                 £3


   288  1942 Active Service E.Used to England with “F.P.O./No.22/10 Jan.

        42″ on Indian G.VI 8a.,Unit Censor on rev.,cancel HABBANIYAH

        ,good.(1)                                                                  £10

   289  1918-21 set to 10r.(tiny hinge thin),& 1r.,on St.

        page,fair to fine.(28) STC.£194                                            £40

   290  1948 MS.297 & 297 Imperf.,UM.,Perf.issue with tiny tone spot,

        faint gum toning,good.(2MS) Cat.£280                                      £100

   Lot  Description

        IRAQ Continued …

   291  1963-90 Miniature sheet coll.on leaves,all in Hawid mounts,predom

        UM.& fine.(62) STC.£582                                                   £200

   292  1974-1989 M.(few at front)& UM.Comms.& Defins.coll.,written up on

        leaves in favourite L.L.album,looks almost complete for period,

        fine.(707) STC.£1817 (plus 1968 Flood Relief Ovpts.- 11 – at

        rear). Rarely offered.                                                    £400


   293  C.1969-1997 predom U.,few M.,dup.accum.on Hagner leaves laid out

        dealer style,fair to fine.(1614)                                           £18

   294  All periods to about 1980’s M.& U.accum.on stuffed St.pages in no

        order,some good runs noted inc:SG.158-179 M.complete,C.£120,need

        sorting,good.(161+1MS)                                                     £40

   295  1922-63 M.& U.coll.on leaves,Comms.& 1s.(M.),

        1940-68 2/6 & 5s.(M.,C.£80),later Comms.with 1945 Davis,1946

        DAVITT,1953 AN TOSTAL,1957 Redmond 1/3d.,O’Croham,Wadding,Clark,

        Aikenhead M.sets(C.£85),etc.,good to fine.(79)                             £46

   296  Revenues:Chancery Fee Fund:1867 set to £1 & 1868 £2 to £5,all

        Ovpt’d Specimen,UM.,very fine.(21) Barefoot £185                          £110


   297  Small all periods U.Comms.& 32 page S/bk.(costs £9

        new).(441)                                                                  £6


   298  1938-80’s M.coll.on St.pages with some Comm.sets,good to fine.

        (74) STC.£74                                                               £18

   299  QV.-1923 M.range on printed leaves inc.1900-01 Waterfalls,odd G.V

        to 6d.,9d.,War Stamp Ovpts.(14),1923 Child Saving set,etc., also

        add.U.range on leaves & loose(few M.),for sorting.(97+1 pc.)               £24

   300  Q.V.-Q.EII all periods M.& U.accum.randomly set out on Hagner &

        pages, 10s.& £1 U.,needs sorting,fair to good.(202)                 £28

   301  Q.V.-G.V M.& U.range on St.card inc:1860-70 3d.(U.C.£25),1s.(U.

        C.£23),later 1s.(2 diff.)2s.,Officials,G.V to 1s.(2diff.)

        War Tax etc.,fair to fine.(43)                                             £32


   302  1958-66 Illus.FDC.coll.on leaves,written up,in ring binder,few

        Commerial covers at rear.(31+3 pc.)                                        £18

   303  Earlies(few forgeries)U.range with many modern UM.Comms.on

        leaves, & loose,good sorter with better noted.(146+6MS+1

        bklt.)                                                                     £28

   304  1871-c.1960 predom U.coll.on leaves & inc:Imperf.& Perf.

        1st issues,1872-73 to 20s.,1874 4s,30s.,1874 2s.,20s.,1874 var. 30s.,1875 to 45s.,1875-76 vals.,later Defins.& Comms.,

        P.O.’s in China(7 diff.),etc.,forgeries around in earlies,needs

        research,sold `As Is.'(225)                                                £85

   305  1961-69 Defin.pages,1958-68 Comm.pages to 1958-70 New Year pages

        in L.H.printed album,(Springback),UM.or N.coll.,fairly complete

        for period with some Bl.4,fine.(476+20MS) STC.£762 (detailed page

        by page list enclosed).                                                   £160


   306  1942-64 UM.& M.Comms.& Defins.range,with sets,on,good to

        fine.(115) STC.£250                                                        £50


   307  1964-c.1985 UM.,M.& U.coll.on leaves,Comms.,Defins.,some

        places with blocks & strips,good to fine.(319)                             £14


   308  1912 mainly U.range to 1r.(M.& U.),2r.(U.C.£42),1917-21 GEA 25c.,etc.,fair to fine.(56)                                       £20

   309  Edw.VII M.(few Unused)& U.range on inc:1907-08 var.M. 50c.,etc.,poor to good.(31) STC.£260                               £40

   310  1922-70 mainly U.,some M.,large accum./coll.on St.leaves,inc:

        1922-27 to £1(Fiscal Pmk.),G.VI issues dup to 5s.(3),1941-42

        Ovpt.set(M.),1948 RSW.M.set(£ horiz.crease),1960 set to 20s.(M.),

        later Comms.& Defins.,fair to good.(619)                                   £50

   Lot  Description


   311  G.VI M.range on comp.1c.(14),,5c.(2),10c.


        (2),30c.brown(2),40c.,50c.,1s.,2s.,3s.,5s.,10s.,£1,all diff.with

        Perfs.& colours,shades,etc.,good to fine.(41) STC.£640                    £160


   312  1957-58 M.coll.on page,SG.120-30 inc:SG.125a & 1958 Local set,

        good.(16) Total Cat.£73                                                    £19

   313  1953-56 M.coll.on Hagner inc:1953 Coro.set,1955-57 high vals.

        set,1952-54 Defin.set,etc.,good to fine.(25) Total Cat.£88                 £24

   314  1948-50 U.coll.GB.Ovpt.,inc:1948-49 set(No 5s.),1948 Olympic

        Games set in blocks of four(SG.C.£68),good.(34) Total Cat.£106             £38

   315  1929-62 UM.,M.& U.range on inc:1933-34 Air 6a.,1948

        10r.(U.C.£29),1948 Olympics(8 sets in blocks UM.),1950 10r.(U.

        C.£18),etc.,fair to fine.(74) STC.£154                                     £40


   316  All periods to 1960’s,UM.,M.& U.coll.on St.leaves,in French

        issues Ovpt’d,Republic Ovpts.,Airs,later Comms.& Defins.,some

        sets,etc.,much to examine,fair to fine.(294)                               £75

   317  1924-61 UM.or M.sets & part sets coll./range on two St.pages,

        Comms.,Defins.,Airs,early Ovpts.,etc.,arranged roughly in order

        but much to sort.(247)                                                    £100

        LEEWARD ISLANDS     

   318  Q.V.-G.V M.& U.(21)range on St.card inc:1890 to 9d.,1897 1/2d.,

        1d.,2 1/2d.,1902 Surchs.,1902 1s.,1905-08 1/2d.,2d.

        (2),3d.(ord.& chalky M.)(ord.U.),1907-11 to 1s.(M.& U.),G.V to

        1s.,etc.,fair to fine.(58) STC.£440++                                      £90


   319  1917-1980’s M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on pages,some sets,generally

        good.(201)                                                                 £34

   320  1920-2000 M.& U.ranges on,some blocks of 4,inc:1912

        -16 10h.& 25h.thick paper & 5h.thin paper all U.(SG.C.£141),1946

        Philatelic sheet UM.(SG.MS.251a C.£75),etc.,good to fine.(108)             £50

   321  1949-54 U.range on St.card,Comms.& Defins.,good to fine.(15)

        STC.£219                                                                   £50

   322  1954-64 small U.range on,all fine.(11) STC.£206                   £50

   323  1965-2012 U.range of Comms.& Defins.(few)on,mostly fine.

        (89) STC.£245                                                              £70

   324  All periods to 1980’s M.& UM.coll.on St.leaves inc:1946 MS.(C.

        £75)1949 MS.(C.£225),many later Comms.,sets,etc.,good to fine.

        (212+3MS)                                                                 £100

   325  1988-95 S/bk.(black pages),all in sets,also 2 x

        1982 sheetlets,1983 sheetlets & 1967 FDC.,all fine.(171+4MS+1cvr)

        STC.£394                                                                  £145


   326  Central:Polish Occ.:1920-22 M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:1920 Surch’s

        2m.,4m.,4m.,on blue,6m.(3 diff.)C.£525(U.),set to 10m.Perf.&

        Imperf.,1921 Surch.set,Red Cross Ovpts.with + 1m.Ovpt.on Tete

        Beche blocks of four,later issues,etc.,many fine.(78) STC.£800            £200

   327  1919-40 extensive M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:1919 Kaunas sets,1919

        Berlin sets,1920 Independence,Nat.Assembley,1921-22 to 100,1921

        Air sets,etc.etc.,mostly fine.(369+3MS) STC.£1203 Rarely offered.         £380


   328  All periods mostly U.coll.on inc:1937-41 U.range to $2

        (SG.291 C.£16),1937 Coro.set M.,etc.,fair to good.(50)                      £9

   329  1892-1906 M.& U,coll.on St.card inc:1906-12 21c.U.(SG.160 C.£40),

        1904-10 M.range to 50c.,1892-99 U.range to 50c.(also $5 U.Perfin)

        ,etc.,fair to good.(67) Total Cat.£300+                                    £65


   330  1957-2012 U.Comms.& Defins.coll.on leaves,with a few FDC’s,inc:

        sets & part sets,etc.,fair to fine.(1139+2MS+6 FDC.) STC.£1197            £260

        MALAYAN STATES     

   331  M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:F.M.S.Tigers,1957-61 Defin.set to $1

        (M.)for Trengganu,Malacca,Perlis,Pahang,Penang,etc.,fair to fine.

        (125)                                                                      £20

   Lot  Description

        MALAYAN STATES Continued …

   332  Mainly up to 1953,M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:Straits,FMS.Tigers,

        Singapore,most States represented,fair to fine.(276)                       £30

   333  1957 M.sets to $1(No 10c.maroons)for Kedah,Kelantan,Negri,Sembi-

        lan,Pahang,Perek,Perlis,Selangor & Trengganu,good.(36) STC.£200            £50

   334 1960’s,predom U.,few M.ranges on St.leaves inc:Straits

        with $1,& G.VI $5,BMA.,FMS.Tigers,Kedah,Kelantan,N.S.$5,

        etc.,poor to fine.(262)                                                    £65


   335  1912-50’s M.& U.coll.on pages inc:1921-32 range to 50c.U.,1937 50c.U.,1957 Defin.set $1(SG.92-100 C.£26)etc.(45)             £8


   336  1921-57 M.& U.coll.on pages inc:1957 set $1,No 10c.maroon

        (SG.83-92 C.£24),good.(19)                                                  £7


   337  1949-57 mostly M.coll.on pages inc:1957 set $1(SG.39-47

        C.£18),good.(12)                                                            £5


   338  1949-57 M.& U.coll.on pages onc:1957 set $1(SG.44-52 C.£21),

        good.(36)                                                                   £5

        MALAYAN STATES – PERAK      

   339  All periods to 1957 M.& U.coll.on pages inc:1957 set $1,No

        10c.maroon(SG.150-59 C.£17),good.(41)                                       £5


   340  All periods to 1957 M.& U.coll.on pages inc:1957 set $1,No

        10c.maroon(SG.116-125 C.£12,No SG.122),good.(40)                            £4


   341  1938-43 set to 10s.(No 2s.)M.range on St.card,fine.(20) STC.£69            £20

   342  All periods M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on full St.pages(2)with 1948-

        53 Ovpt.range to 5s.,1938-43 5s.M.,some earlier,Q.E.II

        later £1 M.,etc.,generally good.(270+1MS)                          £22

   343  1882-1914 M.& U.coll.Q.V.& Edw.VII issues on St.pages inc:1882-4

        1/2d.M., 1s.,some dup.,generally good.(36) Total Cat.£90+           £22

   344  1937-91 M.coll.on St.pages inc:1956-58 set to 1/6d.(SG.C.£32),

        1965-70 set to 5s.,also £1,many Comm.sets,good to fine.(166)

        STC.£126 Total                                                             £26

   345  1882-1902 U.coll.on pages inc:1882 1/ C.£35)

        ,1885-90 range to 1s.(2),1886 5s.(SG.30 C.£80),etc.,fair to good.

        (22)                                                                       £36

   346  All periods to 1956 U.coll.on album pages inc:1938-43 set,1948-53

        set & 1956-58 set U.(total SG.C.£135)etc.,good.(124)                       £50


   347  Early C.1970 predom U.,few M., S/bk.,

        Comms.& Defins.,good to fine.(2105)                                        £18

   348  Early C.1970 predom U.,few M.,duplicated

        S/bk.,Comms.& Defins.,good to fine.(2105)                                  £26


   349  1979-88 virtually complete,apparently L.H.hingeless

        printed album,Comms.& Defins.,most MS.or sheetlets,fine.(815+30

  1. MS) STC.£2920 (page by page detailed list enclosed). £850


   350  1938-1980’s M.& U.coll.on & loose, $2.50,good.(67+

        4 cvrs.+ 1 bklt.)                                                           £7

   351  1876-1951 U.coll.on album pages inc:Colony Device range to 1s.,

        G.V Defin.ranges to 6d.,1938-48 set to 5s.,with some Perf.vars.,

        fair to fine.(76) Total Cat.£230                                           £55


   352  1956-95 U.coll.,Comms.& Defins.,on leaves,No dup.,good to fine.

        (230)                                                                      £16


   353  All periods,mainly M.,few U.(12)coll./range on St.leaves,inc:

        Brit.& Spanish issues,Edw.VII Spanish to 3p.,5p.,G.VI issues to

        2/6d.,5s.,etc.,lots to sort,good to fine.(179) STC.£493                   £120


   354  Small M.& U. QV.& Edw.VII range on St.card, 40c.,

        50c.,etc.,good to fine.(16) STC.£123                                       £28

   Lot  Description


   355  Small G.V & G.VI M.range on,good.(27) STC.£49                      £10


   356  Predom G.VI,few earlier,M.or UM.(1 U.)range on inc:1948

        Olympics set(9 sets with 2 sets in blocks of four), 1s.,

        etc.,good to fine.(83) STC.£229                                            £60


   357  1964-87 U.coll.on with 40c.,good.(37)                       £4


   358  1975 very large FDC.bearing Coro.MS.,set & three other issues,

        fine.(1 item) Stamps C.£13.50                                               £8


   359  All periods U.Comms.& Defins.range,with some Charities,on St.

        page.(120)                                                                  £6

   360  1938 Voortrekker Anniv.Flight to S.Africa,12/12/38,Comm.illus.

        cover,KLM,bearing seven diff.stamps inc:two Airs,returning to

        Holland bearing S.African 1938 Vooktrekker 1d.(3 pairs),1 1/2d.

        (2 pairs),15/12/38,very fine & unusual.(1 item)                            £20

   361  Mainly 1941-59,few later,UM.,some M.(few U.)Comms.& Defins.range/

        coll.on leaves & Hagner page,many in sets,inc:1946-57 to 15c.,22

        1/2c.,1953-65 10g.,etc.,good to fine.(125)                          £44

   362  1852-1968 M.& U.Comms.,Defins.& Charitries L.L.album,

        fair to fine.(522) STC.£802                                               £110

        NEW ZEALAND     

   363  1990-93 var.autographical illus.E’s for Worldwide Fund For

        Nature,The Born Free Foundation,Scientific Exploration Soc.,etc.

        etc.,fine.(6 cvrs.)                                                         £9

   364  1937 First Flight cover from Auckland to Samoa with 6d.Air(SG.

        572),good.(1 cover)                                                        £10

   365  P.Dues:1925-39 M.range on printed page inc:1939 set(SG.D41-4

        C.£45),good.(5)                                                            £12

   366  All periods mainly U.,few M.Comms.& Defins.accum.on leaves for

        sorting.(153)                                                              £12

   367  All periods,mainly pre 1970,M.& U.range on inc.Officials,

        L.H.stamps,Postal Fiscals(12),etc.,good sorter.(111)                       £28

   368  1902-36 U.coll.on printed leaves(with minor dup.)inc:1902-06 to

        2d., 1s.,G.V dup Heads to 1s.(5),1920 Victory,Arms issues,

        Charities,1935 dup to 3s.(7),1936 to 3s.(2)etc.,very mixed cond-

        ition,needs attention.(184)                                                £40

   369  Officials:1938-51 M.set on card,less cheaper 1/ & 1

        1/2d.scarlet,add.1/ shade,good.(6) Total Cat.£168                  £40

   370  All periods to about 2000 U.coll.Defin.& Comm.on St.pages with 5s.& $20,generally good.(808)                                      £40

   371  Officials:1940 Centennial Official set M.on printed page,No 8d.,

        SG.O141-48,150-51,good.(10) Cat.£155                                       £50

   372  1936-42 M range on leaves inc:2s.Perf.13-14 x 13 1/2,Perf.12 1/2

        2d.,4d.,5d.,8d.,1s.etc.,all fine.(10) STC.£233                             £65

   373  Officials:1936-38 M.set on printed album page(No SG.129,SG.O120-

        128,O130-33 C.£260),good.(13)                                              £90

        NIGER COAST     

   374  Small M.& U.(5),range on St.card inc:1/2d.SG.1(M.& U.),1d.,2d.,

        5d.,var.later issues to 6d.,etc.,poor to good.(15) STC.£202                £32


   375  G.VI dup.,mainly U.,range of 1/3d.(4),fair to good.(63)             £8

   376  1953-77 M.some UM.,coll.with early dup.,on St.pages,generally

        good.(291)                                                                 £10

   377  1953-90’s U.coll.with some early dup.on St.pages inc:1953-58

        range to 5s.,some later Comm.sets etc.,fair to good.(238+2 cvrs.)          £10

   378  & N.Nigeria:1900-36 M.& U.coll.on inc:1936 Pic.set to

        1s.U.& 6d.M.,N.Nigeria ranges to 1s.M.(Ed.VII) & U.(KGV),also Oil

        Rivers 5d.M.(SG.5 Cat.£19),etc.,fair to good(58) Total C.£70+              £18

   379  1937-51 M.range on inc:1937 Coro.sets(5),1938-51 var. 1/3d.(2),2/6d.,etc.,good to fine.(56)                              £20

   380  All periods to about 1960’s mostly U.coll.on St.pages with 10s.,also few States,Biafra etc.,fair to good.(314)                £20

   Lot  Description

        NIGERIA Continued …

   381  G.V M.range on St.card inc:Head types to 5s.,etc.,good to fine.

        (24) STC.£85                                                               £26


   382  1937-80’s M.& U.coll.on,inc:1937 Coro.set on cover,good

        to fine.(61+1 cvr.)                                                         £7

   383  1967-82 appears UM.(except 1967 Ovpt.set U.)coll.Comm.& Defin.on

        album pages,appears all in sets,fine.(280)                                 £44

        NORFOLK ISLAND     

   384  1947-80’s M.& U.coll.on St.pages & loose inc:1947 set on First

        Day Cover,also 1947 set M.& U.,1953 set UM.(SG.13-18 C.£38),many

        other Comm.sets etc.,good to fine.(188+2 cvrs.)                            £26

        NORTH BORNEO     

   385  All periods to 1960’s U.coll.with minor dup.on Hagner inc:1961

        Defin.range $10(SG.406 C.£50,bit soiled),1956 Anniv.set U.,

        etc.,fair to good.(42)                                                     £16

   386  All periods to 1961 U.coll.on Hagner inc:1954 Defin.set $5,

        etc.,fair to good.(79)                                                     £16

   387  All periods M.,U.& CTO.range on with a few Labuan,for

        sorting.(145)                                                              £28

   388  All periods M.,Unused & U.range(with some CTO.)on St.pages,inc: $1,SABAH & SARAWAK,useful ranges,fair to fine.(161)                £48


   389  1932-54 M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:1932 Nansen set(U.),Tourist

        issues,1943 set,ranges of 1939-54 Comm.sets,etc.,fair to fine(88)          £45

   390  Earlies to c.1992 large S/bk.,Comms.,Defins.,Officials,

        Dup.Posthorns at rear for sorting,good to fine.(1191)                      £70


   391  All periods to 1964 M.& U.accum.on inc:1934-35 set M.,

        1963 Revenue set UM.,U.ranges to 2s.,etc.,fair to good.(120)               £20


   392  All periods to about 1970’s,fair to good.(115)              £6

   393  1947 1r.(all M.),2r.(U.),& Officials 1/ 1 1/2a.,

        4a.,8a.(all U.),2a.(M.),on leaves,good.(22) STC.£35                        £12

   394  1947 Official 1a.3p.Ovpt’d locally in Karachi,U.,fine.(1) See

        note after O19 in SG.C.£42 Scarce.                                         £20

   395  1947-99 predom U.,few M.,Comms.& Defins.coll.on leaves inc:1947

        to 1r.,1948 to 10r.(3),15r.(3),25r.(3),(C.£448)etc.etc.,many

        sets,good to fine.(1334+2 cvrs.)                                          £300


   396  & Egypt:1918-1950’s M.& U.coll.on full inc:range of Brit.

        Palestine with 50m.U.,then ranges of Egypt Ovpt.for

        Palestine inc:1948 Air set to 100m.M.(SG.20-30)& Express Letters

        (SG.C.£13),etc.,high cat.,useful,fair to good.(144)                        £50

        PAPUA NEW GUINEA     

   397  1950’s-1980’s M.coll.Comm.& Defin.on,good to fine.(55)              £6

   398  1934 covers both addressed to Salamaua(a town completely destro-

        yed in WWII),one from part Moresby with Papua SG.131 & 133(2)&

        other from Wau with N.Guinea SG.179,unusual,fair to good.(2 cvrs)          £15

        PITCAIRN ISLAND     

   399  1940-85 M.coll.on St.pages, 2/6d.,good.(32) Total C.£50             £10

   400  1940-C.1970 M.& U.range on leaves & inc.1940 var.M.& U. 2/6d.(M.& U.),Q.E.II 2/6d.,etc.,fair to fine.

        (69)                                                                       £20


   401  1934 Katowice Philatelic Exh.set,on cover with Exh.label in

        green,Exh.cachet on both,SG.297-8,good.(2) Cat.£100 for stamps             £40

   402  1938 Philatelic Exh.MS.U.,both Perf.& Imperf.,SG.MS.335a,fine.

        (2MS) Cat.£130 Each                                                        £60

   403  1928 Philatelic Exh.sheet U.,SG.MS.270 C.£475,small blemish on

        central label,otherwise good.(1MS)                                        £100


   404  1944 3rd Nat.Phil.Exh.MS.,UM.,very fine.(1) SG.MS.964a Cat.£70             £30

   Lot  Description


   405  1868-1930 M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:Ovpt.issues,1894 Navigators 150r.(M.),300r.(U.)(C.£176),1895 St.ANTHONY set to

        75r.,500r.(C.£386),1906 to 500r.,1910 to 300r.,Republic 1910 to

        1000r.,1911 Ovpts.,Ceres issues,Parcel Post,etc.etc.,mixed

        condition but much to commend this lot,huge cat.value.(231)               £280


   406  All periods to 1953 M.& U.coll.on Hagner inc:1919-24 M.range to

        10a.(SG.318 C.£49)etc.,some other Cols.(5)mixed in,high cat.,fair

        to good.(29)                                                               £22

   407  All periods to 1990’s M.& U.coll.on Hagner in no real order,

        inc:1997 Kwok Se MS.UM.(SG.MS.978),range 1936 Airs U.,etc.,high

        cat.,needs sorting,generally good.(56+1MS)                                 £24


   408  1898-1925 predom M.,few U.,coll.on leaves inc:1898 to 300r.(M.&

        U.)1901 to 300r.,Ovpts.with 1911 Republic set(2),1921 Surchs.,

        1921-23 to 5E.,P.Dues,etc.,fair to fine.(144) STC.£454                    £140


   409  St.pages with BSAC issues & 1965-80 period mixed together,all

        periods M.& of 1896 COGH Ovpt.U.,10 with 4d.,

        very mixed condition,Admiral Heads etc.,Rhodesia $2,1970

        & 1978 Defin.sets FDC.,etc.,earlier mixed condition,later good.

        (186+6 cvrs.)                                                              £48

   410  All periods black page S/bk.,predom U.,starts with BSAC

        issues,to 10s.(2),few Admirals,many later with R.& N.,some dup.,

        bit of a sorter.(702)                                                      £55

   411  1970 – Zimbabwe 1980 UM.Plate IA & IB block Devon album

        inc:1970-73 $2(Pl.IA & IB C.£360)later

        Defins.& Comms.,all fine.(282 STC.£568                           £170


   412  1954-62 mainly U.range on leaves inc:1954-56 to £1(commercially

        U.C.£55),etc.,fair to good.(37)                                             £8

   413  1954 M.& U.coll.on Hagners inc:1954 Defins.range to £1 U.(2),inc:

        1/2d.& 1d.Coil pairs U.(SG.C.£21),1960 Kariba sets M.& U.,etc.,

        generally good.(55)                                                        £36


   414  All periods to 1990’s M.& U.coll.on full St.pages in broad date

        order,fair to good.(645)                                                   £30

   415  1963-69 apparently UM.(all IN HAWIDS)coll.on KA-BE printed

        leaves,Comms.,Defins.,mostly sets,many fine.(508+14MS) STC.£610           £140


   416  All periods to about 1960’s mostly broad date

        order on St.pages,fair to good.(305)                                       £20

   417  1947 800th Moscow Anniv.MS.,U.,CTO.cds.,very fine.(1) SG.1300b

        Cat.£80                                                                    £30

   418  1933-49 U.or CTO.Comms.& Airs coll.on leaves inc:1949 Sports,

        Trains,Underground,Aircraft,etc.etc.,all fine.(73) STC.£263                £75


   419  1953-1980’s M.& U.coll.on Hagners,good.(34+2MS)                             £5

   420  1937-60 series of covers,mostly commercial,inc:1937 Coro.FDC.,

        1957 cover with Prince Philip Visit cachet,etc.,generally good(5)          £20

   421  Q.V.-1949 M.& U.range on leaves inc:early Q.V.(10,M.,to sort),few

        Edw.& G.V low vals.,1934 6d.,etc.,fair to fine.(32)                £22

   422  1916-53 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1922-37 Badges range to

        5d.U.& 8d.M.,1934 Cent.set 6d.,1938-44 set to 5s.,1953-59

        set U.,fair to good.(70) Total Cat.£166                                    £38

   423  All periods to about 1980’s M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.set out in no

        real on St.pages inc:1934 Settlement set 3d.,1935 S.J.set

        U.(SG.C.£35),some later Comm.sets,generally good.(155+3MS+9 cvrs)          £60

   424  QV.-G.V M.& U.range on inc:early Q.V.issues(21,to sort),

        Edw’s with 1903 1/2d.(2),1d.,2d.,8d.(2),1s.all M.(C.£88),etc.,

        fair to fine.(42)                                                          £60


   425  All periods to about 1980’s M.& U.coll.on St.pages with

        $5,fair to good.(87)                                                       £10

   Lot  Description


   426  1902-53 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1936 Pictorial Defin.set 2/6d.,G.VI 5s.M.,1953-63 set U.,etc.,generally good.

        (74) Total Cat.£157                                                        £32

   427  1883-1936 M.& U.coll.on St.card inc:1936 Pictorial range

        2/6d.,1891-98 6d.U.,Edw.VII range to 1s.M.(SG.62)etc.,generally

        good.(57) Total Cat.£300                                                   £70

   428  1912-36 predom U.(4 M.)range on leaves inc:1912-21 to 1s.(2),

        1921-30 to 5s.,1938 to 5s.,etc.,good to fine.(51) STC.£376                £120


   429  & Grenadines:All periods to 1980’s M.& U.coll.on St.pages in no

        real order,but noted some Q.V.vals.,1935 S.J.set U.,etc.,fair to

        good.(197+3MS+2 cvrs.)                                                     £11

   430  All periods to 1958 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1938-47 M.range

        to 5s.,etc.,good.(46) Total Cat.£50                                        £11

   431  1949 to about 1990 M.(some UM.)accum.on inc:1949 G.VI set

        UM.(except $4.80)(SG.C.£32),some Grenadine & Union,

        etc.,good to fine.(94+11MS+1 bklt.+ 1 sht.+ 4 cvrs.)                       £14

   432  1953-94 predom U.Comms.& Defins.extensive coll.on leaves inc: $1,$5’s,Comm.sets & part sets,few FDC’s,etc.,good to

        fine.(494+3Ms+FDC’s) STC.£312                                              £85


   433  1973-90 predom U.Comm.& Defin.coll.on leaves,good to fine.(228+ 3

        FDC.) STC.£72                                                              £20


   434  All periods to about 1980’s M.& U.accum.on full in no

        order,needs sorting,good.(97+5MS+2 cvrs.)                                  £15

        SAN MARINO     

   435  All periods to about 1960’s M.& U.coll.on in no order,

        sorter,generally good.(219)                                                £10


   436  1918-1955 M.coll.on album pages inc:1950 Defin.set $2,good.

        (51) Total Cat.£163                                                        £34

        SAUDI ARABIA     

   437  Small,mainly pre 1960,slightly dup.U.range on                  £9


   438  1937-52 predom U.,few M.,G.VI ranges on leaves

        1r.(2)black,with shades & papers(to sort),fair to good.(68) STC.

        £127 (MINIMUM)                                                             £36

   439  G.V M.& U.(1)range on St.card 75c.,50c.(1r Fiscal,not

        counted)S.J.1s.,etc.,good to fine.(38) STC.£139                            £40

   440  1917-62 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:G.VI 1938-49 to 1r.50c.M. &

        U.,1952 set 1r.50c.,etc.,needs checking for papers,good.(69)

        Total Cat.£221                                                             £48

   441  1890-1902 M.& U.QV.range on inc:13c.Die I(M.),II(U.),

        Ovpts.(9), 1r.(M.),etc.,fair to fine.(23) STC.£252                  £80

   442  1953-2003 mainly U.,few M.,coll.on leaves inc:Q.E.II to 10r.,1962

        to 10r.,1969 to 15r.,Comm.sets,MS.,few FDC.,etc.,good to fine.

        (550+6MS+10 fdc.) STC.£885                                                £225


   443  1980-92 U.(M.12)Comms.& Defins.coll.on leaves inc:1980 to 20r.

        (2),Comm.sets & part sets,etc.,fair to fine.(134+1MS+1 FDC)

        STC.£186                                                                   £50

        SIERRA LEONE     

   444  All periods to 1956 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1932 set

        1s.,1935 S.J.set M.,1933 Wilberforce range to 6d.& 1s.M.,etc.,

        fair to good.(66) Total Cat.£169                                           £30

   445  1884-1933 M.& U.coll.on inc:1933 Cent.range to 1s.M.& 6d.

        U.,1896-97 M.set to 6d.,Edw.VII ranges to 1s.M.,etc.,fair to

        good.(89) Total Cat.$481                                                  £100


   446  1948-62 M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages inc:1948-52 Perf.

        14 set U.(SG.C.£35),Perf.18 U.set(SG.C.£60),1959 Constitution set

        U.,etc.,generally good.(98)                                                £24

   447  1977-84 M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages inc:Defin.ranges

        to $10 & some Comm.sets,good.(236+1MS)                                     £38

   Lot  Description

        SINGAPORE Continued …

   448  1966-76 M.& U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages with some Comm.

        sets,inc:1970 Osaka MS.U.(SG.MS132 C.£24),1968-73 Defin.range U.

        to $10,etc.,generally good.(303+2MS)                                       £40

   449  1991-97 U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages inc:1991 Stamp Exh.

        pair U.(SG.653a C.£10),1994-97 Reef Life Defin.range to $10(both

        ptgs.SG.C.£34),many Comm.sets.high cat.,good.(308+3MS)                     £44

   450  1948-2000’s M.& U.accum.St.pages,pages $2 Perf.14 M.

        (SG.14 C.£48),1955-59 Defin.set M.(SG.38-52 C.£130),booklets inc:

        1973-4(SG.SB2 C.£12),2010 Festival set(SG.SB67-70 C.£24),etc.,

        fair to good.(462+9 bklts+ 1 cvr.)                                         £55

        SOLOMON ISLANDS     

   451  All periods to 1980’s mostly M.coll.on inc:1976 Bird set

        to $2 in top-right marginal pairs(SG.305-19 C.£24),etc.,good(101)          £16

   452  All periods to 1984 M.& U.coll.on full St.pages in no real order,

        needs sorting,fair to good.(198+1MS+1 cvr.)                                £18


   453  1904-21 M.(one U.),range on inc:1904 2r.(C.

        £60),1905 12a.,1909 1/2a.(C.£45),1912-21

        8a.,etc.,fair to fine.(27) STC.£329                                        £95

        SOUTH AFRICA     

   454  All periods to 1952 M.& U.coll.on pages with 10s.,fair to

        good.(64) Total Cat.£50                                                    £10

   455  1910-90 M.coll.Comm.& Defin.on St.pages in random order,many

        bilingual horiz.pairs,needs sorting, R1,good to fine.(217+

        1MS)                                                                       £18

   456  All periods to 1990’s M.& U.coll.on St.pages in no real order

        inc:1954 Defin.set U.,etc.,fair to good.(426)                              £20

   457  1925-49 U.range on St.leaves 10s.(2 pairs),1935 S.

        J.set,later Comms.& Defins.etc.,fair to fine.(167)                         £40

   458  1952-2013 predom U.,few M.,Comms.,Defins.,MS.& FDC.coll.on

        leaves,many fine.(1824+6MS+4 FDC.)                                        £225


   459  Bophuthatswana & Ciskei:1977-94 M.coll.Comm.& Defin.on Britannia

        pages,mostly in sets,good.(466) Total Cat.£228                             £28


   460  1963-66 mostly U.coll.on album pages inc:1965 New Currency Defin.

        range to 1d.(SG.16 C.£19),1966 Hadhramaut Kennedy set U.(SG.68-

        70 C.£18)etc.,good.(65)                                                    £15

   461  c.1966 small UM.,M.& U.(few)range on St.leaves,mainly Ovpt.

        issues, 5s.,1966 W.Cup with 2s.,5s., UM.strips

        of three,etc.,fair to fine.(65) STC.£163                                   £60

        SOUTH WEST AFRICA     

   462  1930’s-60’s M.& U.coll.on inc:1937 Coro.set M.& U.(SG.C.

        £10),etc.,fair to good.(47)                                                 £4

   463  1931-1990’s but mostly pre 1960 M.& U.coll.with minor dup.on

        St.pages inc:1941-43 War Effort 1/ UM.lower-left marginal

        block of 4(total SG.C.£52),other War Effort in reduced size,etc.,

        high cat.,odd stamp toned,generally good to fine.(189)                     £30


   464  1901-12 small mainly U.,M.(3),range on St.card inc:1907-11 6d.

        (M.),1s.,2/6d.,etc.,also N.N.1d.,3d.,fair to fine.(19)                     £20

   465  Small M.range on St.card,comp.Q.V.1/2d.,Edw.1d.,2d.,1/,

        G.VI 1d.,2d.,2 1/2d.,3d.,4d.,6d.,1s.,good to fine.(11) STC.£61             £24

   466  1901-12 U.range on page inc:1903-04 to 1s.,1904-09 to 1s.(2),2/

        6d.,1907-11 to 1s.,1912 to 2/6d.,etc.,fair to fine.(43) STC.£199           £65


   467  1924-1953 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1935 S.J.6d.U.(SG.C.£24),

        1937 Defin.set U.,etc.,few BSAC double heads,fair to good.(57)

        Total Cat.£130                                                             £26

   468  All periods M.& U.accum.on St.pages from various sources,inc:1937

        Coro.set on FDC.,& set UM.,1940 BSAC set UM.,etc., places,

        fair to good.(361+3 cvrs.)                                                 £36

   469  1931-37 1/2d.(3),1d.(3),1 1/2d.(2),2d.,3d.,4d.(3),6d.(3),8d.(2),

        9d.,10d.(2),1s.(3 inc:P.14 C.£160),1/6d.(2 inc:SG.24a C.£140)2s.

        (2),2/6d.,5s.,all U.,many diff.Perfs.,good to fine.(31) STC.£630          £200

   Lot  Description


   470  Mainly 1950’s,early 1960’s predom M.coll.on leaves inc:Fernando

        Poo,IFNI,Sahara,Guinea,etc.,sets & part sets,fair to fine.(510)            £70


   471  All periods to 1954 M.& U.coll.on album pages inc:1951 Defin. set

        M.(SG.123-39 C.£100),1948 Dues set M.(SG.D12-15 C.£50)etc.,

        generally good.(62)                                                        £40

   472  1897-c.1960 UM.,M.& U.coll.on St.leaves inc:a few 1897 Ovpts.(8),

        Camel Postmen to 20p.,1941 to 4p.,1948 set to 50p.,1951 to 10p.,

        some Officials,etc.,fair to fine.(166)                                     £80


   473  1938-80’s M.& U.coll.on,generally good.(47)                         £7

   474  1937-1980’s M.coll.on St.pages inc:1961 Decimal Ovpt.range to 2r.

        UM.(SG.77a C.£15),1975 UM.imprint blocks of 4(SG.230-1

        total C.£9)etc.,good to fine.(85)                                          £12


   475  Mainly 1920’s-40’s S/bk.,with a few earlier

        Numeral issues,& Officials,for sorting.(948)                               £10

   476  All periods to about 1990’s mostly U.coll.on St.pages in no real

        order,needs sorting,good.(527)                                             £20


   477  1923-40 Airs 15c.,20c.,25c.,50c.(2),U.,30c.,40c.,50c.,65c.,75c.,

        1Fr.,35c.,40c.,2Fr.all M.,65c.,75c.,1Fr.,2Fr.(U.),later Ovpts. &

        Pro Aero Ovpts.(3 diff.),good to fine.(32) STC.£670                       £175


   478  1955-65 small UM.or M.range on Hagner page btwn.SG.554 & 869,also

        two ALAOUITES Airs,good to fine.(42) STC.C.£38                             £12

   479  Early French stamp Ovpt’d to c.1930(some later)mainly U.,few M.,

        range on inc:Airs etc.,fair to fine.(144) STC.£224                 £50


   480  1922-25 Giraffe issues to 20c.(U.),1927-31 50c.(U.),1s.&

        2s.(M.),range on,good.(48)                                         £20


   481  1963-1992 UM.,M.,U.& CTO.(few)coll.on St.leaves inc:Fish set to

        20s.(U.),1970’s-80’s Comm.sets,few Officials,etc.,fair to fine.

        (186)                                                                      £14


   482  1948-1980’s M.(some UM.)coll.on Hagner,appear in sets,fine.(73)             £5


   483  1885 Postage Due set,Wmk.CA.,M.,1/2d.- 2d.Unused,good to fine.

        (9) SG.D1-9 STC.£350                                                      £120

        TRINIDAD & TOBAGO     

   484  1880-1949 M.& U.coll.on leaves inc:Tobago Q.V.1s.,Trinidad 1905-

        06 P.Dues 1d.,2d.,3d.,var.seated Britannia issues to 1s.(2),G.V

        5s.(C.£30),War Tax issues 1935-37 set(C.£70),1935 S.J.set,G.VI to

        60c.,etc.,fair to fine.(105) STC.£450+                                    £125

        TRISTAN DA CUNHA     

   485  1952-2009 mainly U.,few M.,coll.on leaves inc:1954 to 10s.,1960

        set to 10s.,1961 25c.,50c.,1r.,1962 to 10s.,1965-67 to £1(with

        both 10s.),1971 to 50p.,1972 to £1,many Comm.sets,etc.,good to

        fine.(403+17MS+24 fdc’s)                                                  £340


   486  Earlies to c.1940 M.& U.range on old St.leaves,unsorted,good to

        fine.(119)                                                                 £25


   487  1935-50 M.coll.on album pages inc:1950 Defin.set to 1s.,etc.,

        good.(28) Total Cat.£66                                                    £14

   488  1909-49 M.coll.on Hagners inc:1909-11 set to 6d.(No 4d.),1913-21

        range to 2s.,1922-26 set(SG.162-75 C.£45),1948 RSW.set,etc.,good.

        (69)                                                                       £40


   489  Mainly CTO.,few M.,ranges of vals.on two St.card.(29)                      £18


   490  1976-2006 U.coll.Comm.& Defin.on album pages with $5,

        some Comm.sets,good to fine.(164) Total Cat.£73                            £20

   Lot  Description


   491  1973-2009 predom U.,coll.on leaves inc:1973 to 10d.,later Defins.

        many Comms.with some sets,etc.,good to fine(551)STC.£1714                 £380


   492  All periods to about 1990’s U.coll.Comm.& Defin.set out in no

        real order on pages,fair to good.(260)                                      £8

   493  Extensive M.& Scott Minuteman 3 ring album,with printed

        leaves,inc:a few earlies,1893 Columbus to 10c.,30c.,1898 to 10c.,

        1901 PAN-AM set,1902-03 to $1,many later Defins.,1924 Tercent.set

        (M.),1925 Lexiton & Norse sets(M.),1932 Washington set(M.),1933

        FARLEY MS.(2),1934 Stamp Ex.MS.,1934 Parks set Imperf.& Perf.& MS

        ,1954 to $5(UM.),etc.etc.,substantial lot,many fine.(1580+20MS)           £225


   494  1908 Anniv.of Revolt set full sheets of 18(SG.279-81 C.£4.25

        per set,total Cat.£76.50),Rouletted 13 so not Forgeries as noted

        in SG.,but CTO.on 8/3/1910,unusual,fine.(3 sheets)                          £8