Abreviations and Symbols

Abreviations and Symbols 

Here is a list of abreviations and symbols we use to describe our stock.

1.unused – without gum unless otherwise stated
2.M – an unused stamp with part or full original gum
3.UM – as M. but never hinged
4.HR – hinge remains on M stamps
5.U – used not CDS
6.FU – fine used: normally circular or appropriate postmark
7.good – not fine, may be off centre, missing perf., tiny crease, etc., average
8.PMK – postmark
9.E – envelope, cover or entire, where appropriate
10.COLL – collection
11.SEL – selection
12.Marg. – margins
13.Vals. – values

– printing
16.Var. – various
17.Ovpt. – overprint
18.Vert. – vertical
19.SJ – Silver Jubilee
20.NVPH or NH – Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Postzegel Handerlaren
21.Michel or MI – Michel German Spec. Cat.
22.B&K – Bridger & Kay
23.Bel.spec. – Belgium specialised catalogue
24.PC – postcard
25.CDS – circular date stamp
26.ACCUM – accumulation
27.EST – estimate
28.Mi. – Michel catalogue
29.Comms. – Commemoratives
30.defin. – definitives
31.comp. – comprising
32.Surch. – Surcharge
33.horiz. – horizontal
34.RSW – Royal Silver Wedding

All catalogue numbers referred to in descriptions are from the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue (British Commonwealth), or Michel (Foreign), 2013, unless otherwise stated. Errors or omissions do not constitute valid reason for return.

Numbers in brackets at end of description denote the numbert of stamps in the lot.